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November 16, 2021


Energy Save System Limited proudly announces a change of ownership, with 100% of the shares now in possession of the environmental technology company Nederman Holding AB, Helsingborg, Sweden.


This acquisition opens huge perspectives for the development of the business of ESS, being part of a world leading player shaping the future for clean air. Being part of this premium quality giant allows ESS to keep its pattern to growth in the logic of competence and ethical approach to business, values shared already between the management teams of the merging companies in the last weeks of negotiation.


The process has based its foundation on the reciprocal acknowledgement of common business values, such as respect of the clients, of the employees and resolute application of the legal prerogatives of business activities, and last not least the thrive for success through forward thinking and continuous research of new solution to lead the market through innovation and ability to recognize and satisfy the customers needs and desires. The company will now integrate in the process and services for Monitor & Control Technology, with the aim to achieve a more competitive and efficient solution for the group in offering their clients the assurance of having the most energy efficient system, and also the most reliable real time service with remote surveillance.


“It was a thrilling opportunity when we were approached by the management of Nederman Holding AB a few months ago to discuss our products and immediately we recognized the opportunity to offer the services through the big leading brand of our target industry. It was a no brainer to believe that this was the chance for ESS to really develop solid and fast in the market.” Comments Managing Director of Energy Save System Limited, Giulio Ansaloni.



For all necessary information please contact us at:

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About Nederman

Nederman is an environmental technology company and a global leader in industrial air filtration dedicated to capturing, measuring, controlling and cleaning air to make industrial production more efficient, safe and sustainable. Based on industry leading products, solutions and services in combination with an innovative IoT platform we deliver knowledge and facts needed to optimise performance and guarantee emissions compliance to protect people, planet and production.

The Nederman Group is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. The Group has approximately 2100 employees and presence in more than 50 countries. Learn more at nedermangroup.com.


Traditionally designed dust extraction systems have a single big fan with a centralised ductwork system that connects each machine to the main fan. With DESA the energy consumption can be diminished by an average of 67% without compromising the need of extraction.

Industrial dust extraction occurs in all manufacturing processes with dust, fumes or odours, such as woodworking industry, metalworking, food and beverage or pharmaceuticals.

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Energy Save System Limited

A simple concept: each workstation shall be monitored and monitor when extraction is really needed, send this information to a central unit, which will open a damper and activate the airflow for that machine, and adapt the speed and the pressure of the fan to satisfy the demand of extraction.

The benefits

DESA will offer enourmus costs savings, protect the environmental, reduce the noise, make your filters life longer.

Energy Savings80%
Environmental impact40%
Heating savings50%
Spares and repairs of fans and filters savings49%
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